The Serra dei Congressi is an ultra-modern, glass building, self- sufficient in energy requirements. Inside rare species of plants frame an innovative environment for 800 guests, designed for all kinds of events.
    Outside, the open area can accommodate more 1500 people against a background of natural beauty, a tropical forest of palms and date palms.

  • · Internal, max 800 people, external 2000 people · WI-FI cover internal and external with password · WIRElESS network for usewith computers, tablets, smart phones and mobiles · Latest automation system for lighting, music and audio · Amplification system BOSE with internal and external speakers allowing for diffusion in different rooms from 6 different sources (CD, MP3, CD AUDIO) · Computer controlled temperature system which allows the opening of side and top panels, shading · Lighting system with led lights (ghost and spot) RGB with choice of colours and sequences, four neon roof lights with variation of light intensity, floor lighting and emergency illumination · Video projector, screen, · Audio and microphone input · BOSE amplifiers with control panels · Air conditioning · Transparent photovoltaic panels (glass- glass), allowing for light to filter into the congress hall · Sensors and fire detection system (fire extinguishers, fire alarms) · Sliding doors and doors fitted with anti-panic handles · 6 toilets for men · Six for toilets for women, disabled toilet with automatic lighting system · Catering area · Choreographic water pools · Artistic lighting · Cloakroom for personnel · 216 KWt generator · Cct · Parking