• As the name suggests, this enchanting and multifunctional park is rooted in the landscape of Sicily between Etna and the Ionian Sea and grows out of its deepest traditions reaching into the heart of nature. Radicepura is a park born out of the dreams of one man, Venerando Faro who has here found an outlet for all his experience in the field of international nursery gardening. 5 hectares, 3000 species of plants, the seed factory, hospitality areas for conferences or private events, all this is Radicepura, different zones within the whole, imagined as a focal point for conference tourism but also as a place of excellence for researchers, landscapers, garden designers and anyone with a passion for gardens. From company convention to educational botanical visits, from guided walks through the park to the study of Mediterranean flora, Radicepura offers hospitality which can meet every wish and need with style, functionality at the highest levels and in surroundings which will never fail to amaze.

  • More than 5 hectares and over than 3000 species in more than 7000 varieties, to call it simply ambitious is an understatement! This is a project which aims to provide, here in the heart of the Mediterranean a centre of excellence in nursery gardening on a global scale and also to become one of the most important centres for the conservation of seeds. Hundreds of bushes, flowers, rare palms, medicinal and aromatic plants will make up an authentic living archive for the purposes of reproduction, research and training. A dream which has become possible thanks to the Faro Family's donation of their private collection, put together over 50 years of plant collecting in every corner of the world, and able to transform this park into a valuable natural safe.

  • Radicepura Park is not just a beautiful ornamental park but also a place with the vocation to produce propagation material of the highest quality. More than 3000 parent plants give life to the production of seeds and cuttings. Strict controls over the whole process guarantee healthy, certified products. Working together with researchers from Italy and all over the world to promote biodiversity and to safeguard a seed bank for native species and numerous exotic plants.
    Research, Training, from Sicily to the whole world.
    The aim of Radicepura, through the park and the Seed Factory, is to create a place of study, a space where an infinite number of plant varieties can be studied and multiplied. From Lagunaria Patersoni – a tree originally form Lord Howe Island to Chamaerops Cerifera, from the high plains of Morocco, to Ginestra Aetnensis (from Etna). There are many projects currently being set up which involve both individual researchers and universities in Italy and all over the world (such as the Faculty of Agriculture at Catania and the universities of Istanbul, Tunisia and Barcelona).

  • The park's reception areas each offers a different feeling, and each one has been designed to meet the varying needs of events and conferences. From the 18th century Palazzo Nobiliare to the very modern Serra dei Congressi. The Palazzo is a testament to the skills of the Sicilian craftsmen who built it, a country house with all the comforts of its time: of particular note are the painted ceilings in the reception rooms and the white stone mantelpieces sculpted by hand. The Scuderie del Barone boasts a fine column carved in lava stone while the Palmento del Padrino is a living example of industrial archeology where, in 1974 some memorable scenes from the Godfather were filmed. The Serra dei Congressi is an ultra-modern, glass building which recreates the atmosphere of a glasshouse, inside rare species of plants frame an innovative environment designed to host congresses, company or private events, fashion shows and more besides.

  • Radicepura is a place of true passion. It is an imaginative, fascinating invention which makes use of the most modern technologies to guarantee its environmental credentials. Important architectural and design choices ensure that Radicepura is in fact self sufficient both in terms of energy and water. Two in particular: the roof of the glasshouse is covered in solar panels of the latest generation for all the park's energy needs and secondly rainwater collection from the glasshouse which is then used for the irrigation of the plants. Truly a park with a green heart.

  • The Faro family's love affair with the natural world started more than 50 years ago and today Faro nursery gardens are renowned throughout the world. It is thanks to this wide experience that the project to create Radicepura has become a reality. The family's valuable private collection has been made available to the park together with their store of knowledge while the relationships built up over half a century in the sector have transformed the dream of one man into a place which opens eyes wide and captures hearts and minds.